Palm Desert Elder Abuse Lawyers

Elder abuse is an aspect of personal injury law we take very seriously. Elder abuse occurs to senior citizens who tend to be dependent on others for their care and the servicing of their needs. Unfortunately, as the senior citizen population has increased, there have been more reports of elder abuse and neglect. If you are a person who has been subjected to abuse or if your loved one has been harmed by abuse, we are here to help you. We aggressively pursue lawsuits against the nursing home facilities, hospitals, or residential care facilities responsible for the welfare of you or your loved one.

Types of Elder Abuse and Neglect

Elder abuse and neglect can encompass a wide range of behaviors. Abuse can include verbal as well as physical acts. Sometimes the signs and symptoms of the abuse may take a period of time to surface. Like many victims of abuse, the elderly may be afraid to speak out about what is occurring or may not even realize the seriousness of the abusive treatment. Certain types of abuse are:

  • Verbal attacks such as speaking in a demeaning manner or issuing threats
  • Deprivation of medication, food, water, or sanitary care
  • Using unreasonable force and constraints
  • Hitting, slapping, shaking, and beating
  • Using a weapon, object, or instrument to cause injury
  • Rape or sexual assault

Causes of Elder Abuse

It is the responsibility of the administrators of the facilities to ensure the safety and welfare of the elderly. We use California's stringent elder abuse laws to pursue legal claims against facilities that fail to fulfill their duties to the elders in their care. There tends to be situations and actions which facilitate abusive behavior. Common factors that attribute to elder abuse include:

  • Staff not properly trained and supervised
  • Failure to follow proper procedures and provide adequate care in an attempt to reduce costs
  • Insufficient number of qualified staff on duty to efficiently handle the care needs of the elderly
  • Failure to properly screen and perform background checks on the employees

Consult with a Palm Desert Elder Abuse Lawyer

Knowing that a loved one has been the victim of abuse is heartbreaking and difficult. Contact our office by calling (866) 613-9906. We will schedule an appointment for you to speak with one of our experienced elder abuse lawyers. We have offices in Palm Desert, Huntington Beach, La Mesa, and in other areas throughout Southern California. You do not have to face this devastating situation alone.