Palm Desert Burn Injury Attorneys

Burn injuries are amongst the most serious medical conditions a person can endure. Often, burn injuries could have been prevented if a person or company did not engage in negligent behavior. Excessive burns can leave a person vulnerable to infections, severe pain, shock, and the possibility of permanent disfigurement or death. The medical costs associated with treating burn injuries are substantial. Cases involving fires and explosions are complex and time consuming. The attorneys at Liljegren Law Group possess the experience and resources needed to successfully litigate cases on behalf of burn victims.

Liability in Burn Injury Cases

When we take on a burn injury case, we perform a thorough investigation of the events that occurred. We gather evidence and use our legal expertise to assess how the fire started and who is responsible or liable for the incident. A person or company is considered negligent if their actions were not reasonable and failed to satisfy the duty of care owed to the people exposed to their actions. We also work closely with the burn victim and the burn victim's family to find out the extent of the injuries and the cost of continued medical care.

Damages for Burn Injury Victims

There are different degrees of burns. The extent of the burn damage will greatly affect the medical treatment. There are also emotional, psychological, and financial consequences related t o burn injuries. We spend a lot of time collecting information and documentation verifying the injuries suffered by our clients. We also work with experts and medical professionals to get an accurate assessment of the type of medical care that will be needed in the long-term. Factors taken into account when determining monetary damages in a burn injury case are:

  • The extent of permanent scarring
  • Anticipated cost of future surgeries
  • Length of recovery time
  • Whether a person will be permanently disabled or will make a full recovery
  • Financial losses that have occurred while receiving medical treatment

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